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Best crypto games development companies

Cryptocurrency has become a popular phenomenon in the current years. Different types of industries are benefiting from cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and one of the significant sectors is supposed to be the online gaming industry. As per reports, 75% of game players want to exchange virtual assets in a currency that can help them easily buy and sell on different platforms. Players can easily trade and collect virtual assets with the help of cryptocurrencies and even trade and exchange anywhere they want. Therefore the crypto gaming industry is an easy and safe medium for players to earn money. Crypto game development companies use customized blockchain for gamers and game developers. Crypto game development companies launch a highly secured and functional blockchain gaming platform based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Top 10 crypto game Development Companies

Are you seeking crypto game development companies across the globe? A wide number of companies offer crypto game development services, making it difficult for the customers to choose anyone. Here is the list of top crypto game development companies that can help you in your next gaming project:
The NineHertz - Crypto game development company

The NineHertz

This company is a pioneer in crypto game development services and has established itself as a leading crypto game development company. Founded in 2008, the company has offices spread across the globe, including the UK, USA, UAE, Australia, and the development center in India. The game developers are skilled and competent in providing reliable and robust game development services and solutions. The company is also ISO certified. Apart from offering game development solutions, it is also well versed in developing VR, iOS, Android, casino, and other games. More than 757 skilled professionals are working in the company and have participated in 1800 and even more projects.

Suffescom Solutions

This company has established itself as a well-reputed and top brand with global recognition for creating games. It also has an IT consulting and major IT business. It is ISO certified and holds a great reputation as a reliable and solid crypto game development company. It has a team of skilled and expert game developers to offer services across the globe. The dedicated team of experts working in this company has widespread knowledge. It has achieved 100% client satisfaction and has developed more than 2000 award-winning solutions in the gaming industry. The expert team working in this company is also well equipped with 2D as well as 3D game development programming.

Visartect Inc

This company is a leading and pioneer game development company that offers services in the USA. Besides offering game development solutions, it also offers software solutions to businesses and enterprises. The company has wide experience in technology consulting, digital mobile apps, creative Internet, cloud technologies, IT infrastructure engineering, and product support. It has more than 11 years of expertise and a proven track record of success. It has built more than 150 business and game applications for its clients. They have also employed more than 14 development platforms with 86% satisfied clients.

Climbax Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

This crypto Game Development company is situated in the USA and aims to change the world around us using technology. It offers game development solutions in 10 countries and has a physical presence in 3 countries. Some of the core services the company offers to its clients are -web design, computer programming, game development, animation, digital marketing, and mobile app development. It employs and maintains a skilled and intelligent crew to stay ahead in game development companies’ markets without sacrificing the quality of their services and solutions.

Quy Technology

This company is an award-winning firm offering quality services in mobile and crypto game development. This USA-based game development company holds great expertise in building and consulting many Mobility and Immersive solutions. It has a good customer base worldwide, and it is known to offer solutions to both established companies and startups and provides services in diverse fields such as virtual reality, workplace mobility, augmented reality, mobile application development solutions, etc. The company offers game development and mobile development solutions to many industries like ecommerce, retail, healthcare, real estate, training and development, education, and entertainment.


It is one of the top crypto game development companies offering big data and mobile application solutions to various industries. The zco corporation has done specialization in the field of software development. It offers quality customer care and holds a dedicated staff of more than 300 programmers, artists, and architects. The staff working in this company has wide experience in this game development domain. The company has offered services to leading companies, startups, multinational organizations, and freelancers. In addition, the company offers Android app development, iOS app development, and reliable software services to big corporations and small business firms.

Juego Studios

This company is a technological venture and a prominent crypto game development company specializing in designing and developing high-quality games, virtual reality, apps, augmented reality, simulation, machine learning, IoT, big data, and several other applications. The company offers organizational services and models to industries such as financial services, manufacturing defense, healthcare, construction, and finance. The expert staff of the team has helped it to stay ahead of the competition and offer high-quality applications and games for Android smartphones, windows, iOS, PC browsers, consoles, Mac, and Facebook.

Saffron Tech

It is a digital company with its headquarters in India and New York. It offers mobile crypto game development and web development services to its clients. This company works on digital marketing services and has gained more than 10 years of experience. The specialized staff in this company are technical experts, well versed and equipped with the latest tools and technologies. The dedicated staff of this company has worked successfully on more than 1000 projects and served more than 1000 clients across the globe. In addition, it offers top notch app and game-based services.

Riseup Labs

This technological company offers Internet and other solutions in virtual reality, Internet, simulation, software, smartphone, etc. It designs and develops innovative, intelligent, and impactful mobile applications, video games, online systems, and an interactive and rich entertainment experience for its clients.

Whimsy Games

It is a top crypto game development company founded in 2015 and works with a team of 50 expert professionals. The team develops unique strategies to turn their idea into reality. It aims to offer successful gaming solutions to its clients by maintaining quality, transparency, timely delivery, and trust in its gaming solutions and services.

Benefits of Crypto gaming platform

Enhanced security

It is not possible for players to change the features and characteristics of blockchain and crypto networks to earn profits because there is no presence of any central authority. With the help of encryption, an additional protection layer is provided to the network system.

Smart Contract

Due to smart contracts, RPG (role-playing game) and gambling industries have become more transparent. The dealers can also monitor the winning rates, which would have been impossible in the case of a centralized server. Whenever a smart contract is used in a transaction, its value increases with time.

Proprietorship/ Ownership

In-game assets such as skin and swords are included in NFTs, which are not unique but also act as real-world objects. Things, as well as characters, can be developed by both the players and developers with their history and personality. Players can buy and sell such assets.

Fraud Prevention

To experience the exciting crypto games, players can trust the true crypto and blockchain mechanism, which offers a fair, transparent game structure and doesn’t even rely on any 3rd party or any independent and unique developer.

Game Currency

Crypto games allow gamers to earn in-game currency, encouraging them to play for premium versions. The feature of game currency enables gamers to play more crypto games, win exciting money and save money to buy the newest and greatest crypto games.

Decentralized Technology

The gaming network is decentralized; no individual or governing authority manages and controls the gaming infrastructure. The gaming network is maintained and controlled by nodes that make it fully decentralized.

Have a project in your mind?

How to Hire A Crypto Game Development Company?

The Crypto gaming world has seen massive growth in recent years, and the only possible way to get involved in this is to choose the right crypto game development company. However, as several types of companies are available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the right partner for your project. The following guide will help you hire the right crypto game development company, pinpoint the common mistakes you can avoid, and make the right decision.

What games are best suited

Several types of games are available with solid communities that you can use to launch your crypto game. However, you should avoid choosing the crypto game development companies which have limited potentialities for growth and development as you would like to earn more profits from your crypto game.

Types of developers to hire

Generally, 2 types of blockchain developers are available: one works in public blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, while some work in permission or private blockchain. You get security measures independently if you work with a public blockchain developer. Therefore, it is better to go for an experienced company as they can give you better value for your money. On the other hand, if you go for permission blockchain, you can easily maintain it by yourself. However, you must adhere to the best standards and practices to protect the system’s security and integrity.

Deft at programming skills

You must ensure that the crypto gaming development company whom you are hiring is well versed and knowledgeable in basic programming skills. The company’s developers should be an expert in their domain; otherwise, they can’t handle complex tasks like the creation of a distributed Ledger. So make sure the company possesses the following skill set: in-depth knowledge of Python, Java, Go, C ++, etc. The developers must have technical expertise and knowledge in algorithms and coding elements. You can also examine the ratings, feedback, or reviews of the crypto game development company that the previous clients of the company offer.

Basic concepts of crypto

Basic blockchain and crypto platform concepts are the main requisites for a skilled crypto gaming development company. The developers must be proficient in using the tools they can use in crypto game development projects. Moreover, to safely transfer the data over the crypto network, programmers need to employ the best encryption and decryption methods and look for such skills in your developer. The crypto game development company you are working with should maintain a team of developers with profound knowledge of encryption-decryption techniques and security concepts. The best crypto game development company works with sophisticated and modern tools such as Etherscan, Mist, Bitcoin Block Explorer, Composer, Remix, Caliper, Metamask, etc. When hiring a company, see if they have employed developers with good knowledge about these tools.

How do crypto games help to bring advantages to both the developers and gamers?

The leading and top-notch crypto game development companies and game developers offer a very protected and secure gaming platform over EEOS, Ethereum, MATIC, Tron, blockchain, and crypto game networks with several sophisticated functionalities.

Due to the elements of culture, technical development and entertainment, the gaming industry is a fascinating sector in terms of technology, and the crypto and blockchain technology is enhancing the industry more. Although blockchain technology and crypto games can appear technical and complex, the advantages for developers and gamers that they bring along are apparent. Crypto games constantly improve their online gaming experience for players’ sake while benefiting the developers they try to increase their profits.

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