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Best educational projects about crypto

Top 10 educational projects about crypto

Motion Design School

Motion Design School Company is a creative powerhouse, empowering individuals through their innovative blend of education and earning opportunities. Specializing in motion design, they offer a unique “Learn 2 Earn” program that harnesses the potential of cryptocurrency. Participants not only master the art of motion design but also delve into the world of crypto, earning as they learn. This pioneering approach revolutionizes education, bridging the gap between skill acquisition and real-time earning potential.


APPII is a platform based in London and uses blockchain and crypto technology to verify credentials. The company combines machine learning, smart contracts, and crypto blockchain for verifying all the academic credentials of professors and prospective students. The users of this company make a profile on this platform and then fill out their academic CV, including their education transcripts and history. The crypto blockchain technology helps APPI verify the user’s background and seek the prospective student’s information into the blockchain. It has collaborated with the Open University to create an accreditation and qualification platform in order to manage the academic records of the incoming students and create an immutable record for the alumni.

Gilgamesh Platform

It is a knowledge sharing and learning platform based on crypto and ethereum smart contracts. It allows book readers, authors, and students to engage and discuss in writing. The platform awards them GIL tokens and incentivizes them to engage with content via writing, sharing, and discussing. With the help of the tokens, you can also buy different academic eBooks. In addition, the app features social media feedback suggestions as well as a wallet for storing GIL tokens and facilitates people to interact with others and seek more knowledge.


It is a decentralized marketplace that deals with educational services and products with the help of crypto and blockchain technology. The company can connect students, educators, and professionals with relevant resources and courses. With the help of smart contracts, students and professors can agree on courses that can help improve students’ education and educational and professional backgrounds. The Ledger of ODEM recognizes each type of course that a student takes or teachers teach. This has helped to boost the reputation of this platform. Using ODEM token, students can also pay for their courses. It has developed skill badges for both the students and educators to showcase their proficiencies in particular areas.

Sony Global Education

This company has collaborated with IBM to develop a crypto blockchain platform allowing different institutions to add students’ academic achievements and other pertinent information on a distributed Ledger. It helps maintain the records of the students who have furthered or transferred their education. The crypto technology helps this educational institution to maintain a digital transcript, Ledger of payments, and records for individual students. The blockchain technology of this company has issued its competitors the participant’s certificates in a global math challenge.


This platform uses crypto technology to maintain a unified and proper register that shows universities’ academic qualifications and achievements. The decentralized algorithm of the company assigns a score to an individual automatically based on his or her qualification and achievement. The universities can use such scores to decide on individualized teaching and learning plans based on factors on how students have gained learning or are yet to be learned. It has launched the alpha version of its crypto blockchain platform to enable students and universities to become more familiarized with a decentralized app. The student app also allows the students to learn their educational history along with the professors’ teaching styles, profiles, and other course offerings.


This platform provides digital credential solutions to employers, academic institutions, and students. K-12 educators use crypto technology for uploading significant developmental progress. Advanced educational institutions utilize this platform for reviewing academic merit, processing applications, and offering immutable diplomas. Students also get lifetime accessibility to educational information and can also share their academic achievements with their future employers. The crypto technology has helped the company to develop immutable documents of the students, so that future employers and universities know about their personal and academic journey.


This online and tech focused educational platform combines tokenization and crypto ledgers. It offers many online courses such as ‘Bitcoin vs Ethereum’ and ‘cryptocurrency for Dummies’ for people to enter a blockchain and crypto oriented career. It even incentives learning by providing tokenized scholarships to complete the course successfully or to make some achievements. Moreover, it provides both paid and free classes on blockchain implementation, cryptocurrency, gamified coding, etc.


This technology platform is based in San Francisco and works to strengthen and implement local education combined with innovative Crypto tools. This platform’s entrepreneurial and educational purpose is to enhance the blockchain ecosystem by bringing together teachers, students, educational institutions, and government. This project-based on crypto helps to solve the issue related to the costs in the educational industry. Blockchain and crypto technology is the best solution for unifying different courses under this system, managing surprising, controlling quality, and providing certificates on successful completion of the course.


It is an online institution that implements crypto technology and blockchain to emphasize the English language. The platform has created a reward system and educational payment to bring more ease to the process of payment and to facilitate review. These projects are implementing cryptocurrency so that more improvements can be brought to the educational system.

What are the benefits of Crypto Education Projects?

Increased transparency

Crypto has an immutable Ledger technology that helps verify transcripts, show a complete report card, and keep records of students regarding their programs. For example, when a student submits his or her homework through blockchain, it ensures that they don’t lose their homework and can claim from the teachers. In addition, Crypto technology maintains a chronological list of all the events taking place in real-time.

Accountability via smart contracts

Crypto educational projects connect students, university administrators, and teachers who can engage in a better way through smart contracts. For instance, the teachers and the students can agree digitally, describing an assignment’s parameters, the grading deadline, and the due date. Furthermore, the smart contracts of crypto platforms can also be deployed for payments of student loans.

Incentivization that comes from learning

One of the mainstays of crypto blockchain is tokenization. It is paving the way for all academic institutions to incentivize their students to make real-time student loan payments. It also motivates students who can be rewarded with cryptocurrency by their teachers to perform well. Crypto has brought a gamification aspect to the education sector through tokenization, which has been incredibly beneficial. Although crypto is presently at an infant stage, crypto blockchain technology in the edtech industry has been considered the right technology.

Improved learning method

Implementation of crypto is becoming a new method that can help in the development and growth of the educational industry. It is changing the typical perception that people have in the educational process, and this is the reason why most educational institutions, specifically the tertiary institutions, are employing crypto applications to improve their learning activities and teaching method and facilitate more collaboration and participation among the stakeholders including teachers, students, and parents.

Passive Income

Crypto investments cover different instruments that can also help earn passive income. Crypto education for the investors is also helping to develop a diversified portfolio based on the investor’s risk appetite. The crypto stablecoins reduce the volatility risk and make way for more income-earning opportunities.
Crypto educational project is becoming the future of learning. Technologies like crypto-blockchain are speeding up the process of the educational sector. Artificial intelligence, tablet, smartphone, and Ledger tech are rapidly replacing bulky computers. Improvement in blockchain technology has been greatly beneficial for students in the classroom. Around 92 percent of teachers believe that it greatly impacts how learners interact with each other and learn new things. One new technology that is impacting the whole process of learning positively is crypto blockchain technology. The Crypto blockchain platform comes with ledger technology that can manage transparency, accountability, and the whole educational experience of teachers and students in a much better way.

What is crypto education?

Education has been considered a fundamental pillar in society for several decades. Many recent advances and technological applications are taking place in the educational sector, and all the technologies and tools implanted in the learning and teaching process are innovative and wide-ranging. Blockchain and crypto are considered the new and innovative methods that reform the education sector. The following guide will help you know how blockchain and crypto relate to this educational sector.

Have a project in your mind?

How to evaluate an educational project built on crypto?

The cryptocurrency world is very vast and doesn’t revolve only around blockchain or Bitcoin. There are several educational projects built on crypto in the present day, so it becomes challenging for most investors to decide which option is a better option to invest in. Although many education projects are built on crypto and blockchain, there are also scammers within the crypto space, so you need to analyze the following factors to choose the right platform.

Assessing the team

It is important to have good knowledge about the product offering that the platform is giving as well as to access the proficiency of the team which backs the project. Ensure the qualification of the team members working within the crypto ecosystem and access to the quality of their previous projects. The main purpose of this assessment is to gain confidence and trust in the educational platform. This is a fundamental analysis that will help you to choose the right company.

Check the project and their social media presence

If you want to choose a good education project built on crypto and blockchain technology, then access how strong the platform’s community is. Telegram, Facebook, Twitter Reddit are all good places where you can start and find out if the project has a large community to support. You will also get to know what people are saying regarding the education project and can make an informed decision on the basis of their reviews and ratings.

Project Support

Look for quality project backers, partners, advisory boards, etc., so you can know about the professionalism and maturity of the educational project. A high quality educational project always has partnerships with standard and industry leading crypto companies. If you spot an educational platform having partnerships with industry leading companies, then it’s always a good sign.

Team Composition

When you know about the crypto project’s team composition, you can have a lot of ideas about whether you are making the right choice by choosing the specific educational platform. The red flag crypto education projects come with small development teams having less experience and proficiency. A good and dedicated team will also help speed up the marketing engine. A successful education project comes with a proper mix of marketing, engineering, design, and proficient employees.


The token is a vital component of crypto based educational projects or platforms. Tokenomics helps to make the educational platform survive in the long run. Malfunctioning tokenomics will make the project fail drastically. So look for educational crypto platforms that offer tokens to make the project successful. Research the platform to know whether there are good indications and is worth your time and money.

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