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Top 10 Stellar Development Companies

Stellar blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most important and promising services. This blockchain technology holds great potential for transforming the work of the financial sector. In the present highly digitalized economy-wide range, small, large, and medium-sized business enterprises are utilizing and exploring stellar blockchain technology services to thrive in the present competitive market. Several companies today are providing stellar blockchain solutions to businesses so that they can grow their business and earn profit by leaps and bounds. Choosing the right company is an important consideration to stand out in the crowd and fulfill all your business requirements.

Following is a curated list of the top 10 reputable stellar blockchain development competitors framed with in-depth and extensive analysis. The following companies offer consulting services and are proficient and experienced in providing blockchain technology applications.

EngineerBabu - Stellar Blockchain Development Company


This stellar blockchain development company is solely responsible for implementing, designing, and supporting the stellar distributed blockchain network. It comes up with a hardworking and enthusiastic team of Stellar blockchain developers who helps to analyze the needs of their clients and design blockchain technology per their business model. It has worked on different intricate projects with several companies, making it stand out in the competitive market.


This stellar blockchain development company has worked with several large-sized as well as medium-sized enterprises. It was founded in 2007 and is presently headquartered in San Francisco. It provides several stellar blockchain technology services and solutions to its clients. The company has vast experience of more than 10 years and is specialized in framing blockchain applications. Customers highly trust the company because it provides efficient and reliable services that are completely hassle-free. LeewayHertz will frame blockchain strategies that will help you to grow your business and carry out transactions safely as well as securely.

Treehouse Technology Group

This stellar blockchain development company has a team of knowledgeable and skilled experts who helped to revolutionize the blockchain industry completely. It was founded in Boston in the year 2014. It has worked with startups and fortune companies and developed secure and reliable contracts using proof of stake algorithm, solidity, and Ethereum. The company is proficient in auditing, security, and consultation services and even runs manual, automated, and test cases and document results. The company provides stellar blockchain development solutions and services to a wide range of industries, from IT companies to healthcare and finance industries.


OpenGeekslab was founded in Ukraine in 2015 and is a trustworthy stellar blockchain development company. It provides various ICO development services to different industries, exceptional services, and a dedicated expert team that helps it stand out in the crowd. The developers build reliable products for their clients per their business needs, preferences, and budgets. They provide a wide range of technical solutions and have expertise in smart contracts, blockchain development, solidity, crypto wallets, etc.


This stellar blockchain development company helps satisfy its client’s needs most feasibly. It helps to deploy software and cloud solutions and has code areas of expertise in blockchain technology, big data, cloud consulting, and artificial intelligence. The company follows a streamlined procedure to help enterprises begin their journey with the help of blockchain technology. The company operates distributed, secure and decentralized framework for business enterprises to speed up their business and significantly lower costs.


This stellar blockchain development company maintains an agile and dedicated team to provide a wide range of blockchain services to business enterprises. Its areas of expertise include swift to currencies, Ethereum, IoT, Bitcoin, smart contract, etc. It also provides suggestion to startup companies and maintains a dedicated team of blockchain designer, marketers, and developers so that they can develop a decentralized ecosystem.


This stellar blockchain development company provides innovative blockchain technology solutions to clients worldwide. It was founded in 2017 and has a dedicated R&D expert team that offers services like blockchain consulting, application development, smart contract, support and maintenance, architecture design, etc. It focuses on implementing and researching innovative solutions based on stellar blockchain technology. Its solutions and services will help you to carry out your business logically and systematically.


It is a renowned Stellar blockchain development company that was founded in San Francisco in the year 2008. The company works with leading blockchain platforms like a hyper ledger, Ethereum steeler, and a big chain. It helps to implement and create smart contracts, develop D apps on blockchain platforms, help companies implement blockchain prototypes, etc. Several companies have become digitalized with the export assistance of ArcTouch, which has helped them to achieve great success in the competitive market.


This stellar blockchain development company was founded in San Francisco in 2014 and provides blockchain technology solutions and services to several companies. Its core areas of specialization include payment systems, blockchain development, cryptography, distributed system, and Ledger technology. The company helps organizations and businesses to provide expert financial services based on the blockchain network. The company has partnered with several financial sector companies. It helps its customers manage their financial assets securely in token format on decentralized private ledgers and even securely transfer them on public networks.


Being in Stockholm in 2014, this stellar blockchain development company has worked with renowned financial institutions, real estate companies, and government agencies to help them offer reliable smart contract solutions. The Company is constantly pioneering to become a leading tough blockchain industry. It has also introduced distributed database management known as Post chain. The company believes blockchain technology can help companies fulfill scalability and longevity requirements.

What is stellar blockchain?

Stellar is a decentralized and open-source payment network that utilizes blockchain technology to enable users to transfer funds at a low cost quickly. The stellar network has its own cryptocurrency, known as stellar lumens. Stellar blockchain was launched in 2014 and has processed several transactions and entered into partnerships with fortune companies, making it a famous cryptocurrency investment.

Why is stellar blockchain so important to meet your business requirements?

Many reputable businesses and companies are concerned about security breaches, network downtime, and huge capital investment that business has to incur for hosting different business applications and services. Stellar blockchain technology is a good destination to solve all the above problems. This blockchain technology network offers the ultimate solution to companies and businesses and helps them to handle modern business services and applications much faster. Stellar blockchain technology has many advantages as an effective decentralized network to manage and secure data with the help of smart contracts.

Why is Stellar network so unique?

Different digital currencies provide light fastening and cheap transactions to customers; however, the prime advantage of Stellar, which makes it unique among digital currencies, is that it can work with any kind of currency. Users can use this technology platform to transfer a digital representation of the euro, Bitcoin, U.S. dollar, or any other type of currency. Different types of cryptocurrencies are formed to replace the present financial system; however, this is not the scenario with stellar. It has been designed to enhance the financial system worldwide and provide a single network that all can use. Third stellar party services and applications help users to transfer funds and purchase different currencies. Stellar is a good option for individuals residing in countries with no powerful national currency. It is a good cryptocurrency investment. The network of stellar is growing exponentially as it showcases real-world usability. It is similar to any other type of cryptocurrency as it is volatile, so there isn’t any guarantee about its long-term success.

What are the advantages of stellar blockchain?

Stellar is a popular blockchain platform that is used by many today. Stellar blockchain is considered to be leading within the crypto space as this platform helps send and receive crypto digital currencies easily in different forms. This platform connects payment systems, banks as well as people. Stellar blockchain is a payment protocol that uses distributed Ledger technology as its main base. This blockchain technology allows cross-border transactions and has its own digital currency, Lumen.

There are several advantages of stellar blockchains, such as the following

  1. Open source and decentralized data
    Stellar unlike ripple, doesn’t have central authority as it is an open-source and decentralized database. You need not have a central power to participate in its functions.
  2. High scalability and speed
    The network platforms of stellar facilitate speedy transactions through consensus done via nodes. The network transaction takes place within three to five minutes. It facilitates faster transactions than other types of cryptocurrency networks since it restricts mining. It is a highly scalable platform.
  3. Multicurrency transactions
    Another prime benefit of stellar blockchain is that you can perform transactions irrespective of the type of currency. It has its own cryptocurrency, lumen, which helps this blockchain perform financial transactions in multicurrency. It also enables the ability to use multi-signatures and smart contra and provides asymptomatic security.

Have a project in your mind?

How can you choose the right stellar blockchain development company for yourself?

Blockchain development companies have entered the mainstream economy and are immensely helpful in carrying out cryptocurrency transactions smoothly and securely. This has resulted in high demand and dependence on blockchain technology. Business companies are witnessing huge demand for reliable and experienced stellar blockchain development companies to diversify their business prospects. It is important to choose the right stellar blockchain company so that the company is competent to handle all the requirements efficiently and achieve indefeasible heights of success. Choosing a good company is a tedious and challenging task. This is why you should go through this checklist to help you make the right choice about the company selection. A few detrimental factors like the type of services they provide, their expertise, core service areas, and contractual models have made them reach the top 10 list.

Good knowledge of blockchain development

The stellar blockchain development company you want to hire must be proficient in Python, JavaScript, Java, etc. All these technologies are important for creating blockchain products such as cryptography, IoT, distributed ledgers, data securities, web technologies, etc. The company must have the expertise to create stellar blockchains, web 3.0 products, and smart contracts.

Dedicated stellar blockchain developers

The blockchain development company you choose must come with a dedicated team of blockchain developers to bridge the gap between new and obsolete technology and help your business expand. It must have good expertise to develop stellar blockchain products and DLT software that can meet your project requirements.

Determine an appropriate Outsource model

There are four types of models that you must consider: fixed price model, dedicated team, captive unit model, and the bot. Choosing the model that can fulfill your needs and budget is important. This way, you can prevent wasting money, time, and resources. If you have budgetary constraints, you should work on a fixed-price model with the company. The captive unit model is responsible for looking after the team’s administrative, financial, personal, and legal aspects. This model helps you regulate the incentive and direct direction to the team. You need to choose a dedicated team of developers with the requisite knowledge and skill set to handle your business project efficiently. Identifying the right outsourcing model will help you avoid negative consequences for your business project. Suppose you are planning to develop a business in a remote location. In that case, creating an effective R&D team and identifying the appropriate R&D infrastructure that allows you to add blockchain to distinct verticals per your requirements and preference is important. In this case, working on a bot model will be appropriate.


Stellar blockchain technology is creating a mark in different industries, from fintech to retail to healthcare services. Stellar blockchain development services have become indispensable for several businesses and companies. This is why it is important to choose a dedicated team of experts who can work within your budget and help to make your budget successful. The crux of choosing the right stellar blockchain development companies is to consider the above points so your business can expand.

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