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Top Blockchain Development Companies

What are the top blockchain development companies?

LeewayHertz - Polkadot development company


This company is a leader in blockchain development with several years of experience in developing enterprise applications. It has acquired in depth expertise and knowledge relating to the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud services, augmented reality, and virtual reality. This company offers end to end high quality blockchain solutions that range from user experience to blockchain consulting, designing, deployment, blockchain development, upgrades, and maintenance. LeewayHertz maintains a team of blockchain experts who have deployed more than eighty smart contracts and 10- blockchain applications. It stands out from the rest of blockchain development companies because of its ability and deep understanding of working on different blockchain platforms such as hyperledger, Ethereum, neo, credits, sawtooth, EOS, Fabric, etc.


This blockchain development company was initially established as a mobile application development company. It is now proficient in offering supreme custom software development solutions and other consultancy services in the field of technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, the internet of things, augmented reality, etc. It has been servicing for around 13years and is helping organizations to develop, design, and maintain effective software solutions. The company is recognized for efficiently providing blockchain development solutions and services to established enterprises and startups. This has made Intellectsoft a leading blockchain company. The company has a team of blockchain experts who uses blockchain technologies and tools such as EOS, Ethereum, Stellar, etc.


A leading company in blockchain development in recent years is SoluLab. The company offers several software development services like custom software services, mobile app development, data analytics solutions, and software with advanced technologies such as AI, Machine learning, cloud, IoT, etc. It includes different blockchain development solutions and services such as ICO, STO, IEO, dApps, Blockchain with AI and IoT, private blockchain development, blockchain technology consulting, etc. The company has also partnered with different Fortune enterprises such as Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney, etc., and has offices in different parts of the world.


This blockchain development company is helping enterprises transform their business to become more future proof. Altoros helps clients develop and deliver several scalable applications for a long time. The company is known to deploy the latest software and cloud applications to provide robust products to companies. The company offers its clients technology services, including blockchain development, cloud computing, AI, big data, etc. The expert team at Altoros is helping enterprises enhance their current workflows, achieve transparency and efficiency in company operation and improve their customer experience. This specialized blockchain development company offers many innovative solutions to enterprises.


This is a leading company specializing in Ethereum blockchain development. It offers enterprise solutions, developer tools, and applications on the Ethereum blockchain. This top blockchain development company offers several blockchain solutions and services for the institutional capital market, asset management, decentralized finance and payment, global trade/commerce, etc. Some of the product suites of Consents are Diligence, Truffle, Metamask, Quorum, Infura, Codefi, etc., that has several users worldwide.


Coinfabrik was established to build and review several security applications. However, today this company has become an expert and a leader in blockchain development after the introduction of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. The blockchain portfolio of the company involves a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, Sig3 multi-signature, anti-fraud mechanism, smart contracts like TrustStamp, etc. The company offers several blockchain development solutions such as UX and UI design, defining specifications of products, QA, continued support, deployment of a Hybrid cloud environment, application development, etc.


It was initially developed as a software development enterprise, but with the popularity of blockchain, it started offering blockchain application development solutions. Ever since blockchain became a significant infrastructure of financial transactions, the company began addressing comprehensive financial services so that blockchain can be utilized in loans, peer to peer mechanisms, equity post trade processing, automated compliance auditing, etc. It is now well known for offering several FinTech projects and has established itself as a leading blockchain company. Some of their services are ICO investor portal, crypto asset management, smart contracts, cryptocurrency algorithm trading platform, etc.
Innowise Group - Blockchain Development Company

Innowise Group

This is the fastest-growing technology and software development company dedicated to its services and is taking its business to the next level of success by incorporating cutting edge tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things. This company has many specialized areas like money transfer services, loyalty programs, company cryptocurrency platforms, distributed document management, application development, etc. It provides services to several industries like healthcare, eCommerce, retail, etc. The developers employed at this blockchain company have acquired in depth expertise and knowledge about blockchain technology.

MLG Blockchain

This company is mainly focused on transforming the world around us with blockchain, smart contracts, and MLG blockchain development. It offers consultation services as well and is spread across 10 countries globally. It helps enterprises with capital management, ITO liquidation, and SAFT investment agreement. It has widespread experience relating to developing blockchain applications on platforms like EOS, MLG, Ethereum, Neo, Hyperledger for its customers. It offers consultation, strategic planning solutions, blockchain training etc., to help its clients achieve profit driven outcomes.

Ripple Labs Inc

It is an American FinTech firm established in 2012 and created Ripple protocol and an exchange platform for offering cross border payment services through blockchain technology. The company has come with decentralized financial technology, which enhances the experience of cross border payment service processing. It has a real time payment mechanism that allows banks and financial institutions to make transactions directly without requiring any third party. It comes with a global payment system to connect different financial institutions. It offers xCurrebt, which allows banks and financial institutions to track end to end financial transactions. It has other tools like xRapid and xVia, which solves liquidity issues and enables the enterprise to make payment easily via RippleNet.

What are the different benefits of blockchain technology?

Better Transparency

The current industry is facing transparency issues. In order to enhance transparency, organizations are implementing some rules and regulations. With the help of blockchain, companies can implement a decentralized network and improve transparency in their system. Blockchain includes peers who carry out transactions and even validates them, although not every peer participates in the consensus method, if they want, they can take part in the validation procedure. Consensus method offers validation via decentralization. After validation, each node contains a copy of the recorded transaction. In this way blockchain network ensures transparency.

Enhanced Security

Blockchain technology incorporates advanced security in its system compared to other record-keeping platforms. It enhances technology by ensuring that every node holds one copy of the financial transaction performed on this network. Transactions are encrypted and linked to the previous transaction with the help of the hashing method. Therefore, changes in the financial transaction can’t be made by any fraudster. The data written once in the blockchain network becomes immutable and can’t be reversed at any cost.

Reduced Costs

As businesses invest their maximum money in improving and managing their existing system, they can easily reduce this cost by implementing blockchain technology that improves their current process and helps organizations cut down costs relating to third party vendors. There is no centralized player, so you need not pay vendor costs. Less interaction is required for validating a financial transaction, saving the company more time and money.

True Traceability

By implementing blockchain technology, companies can create an effective supply chain that works well with suppliers and vendors. The traditional supply chain system made it difficult for the companies to trace their items and led to other problems such as loss of products, counterfeit, and theft. The company’s supply chain benefits a lot from blockchain and has become transparent. It allows you to trace the items and ensure that they don’t get misused or replaced during the supply chain process. Companies can derive the most benefit from blockchain technology’s traceability nature by incorporating the technology in-house.

Improved Speed

Blockchain technology helps in improving the speed and efficiency of the organization. It automates time consuming tasks and maximizes the efficiency of the organization. With this technology, human errors made in the company operation can be eradicated. Everything gets stored in a decentralized ledger that comes with this technology; this way, the company process gets automated and streamlined. Tasks become much faster and more efficient. Blockchain technology helps companies make a unique way of storing data and paves the way for efficient company operation with more transparency, trust, immutability etc.

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How to choose the right blockchain development company?

In the present day, developing a mobile application with blockchain technology helps to enhance security and safeguard against malicious attacks. With the help of blockchain technology, users get seamless financial transactions. This is why most enterprises, businesses, and companies today depend on blockchain technology to keep their records and transactions safe in a highly reliable digital ledger that can’t be hacked so easily.

Vast experience

It is important to choose a blockchain development company that employs blockchain engineers having in-depth expertise in their domain. This technology requires extensive experience and expert knowledge to offer profitable outcomes. You can choose a company with rich working experience in several domains or your company niche. This is because blunders may happen if your blockchain development company lacks skilled employees. The reputation of the blockchain development company matters a lot.


With the increase in the number of users and financial transactions, the website loading and processing time gradually increase, which exhausts the system’s resources. Choose a blockchain development company that can focus on providing scalable solutions for your company and can assist your company in future growth.

Consultation Services

Many blockchain development companies offer suitable blockchain programming solutions and high end services but don’t possess a dedicated and committed consultation team to discuss the project with their clients. When it comes to choosing a reliable blockchain development company, make sure that it has a consultation team with whom you can discuss the project updates and get answers to all your doubts.

Agile Development

It is important to hire the most dedicated and best blockchain development company to complete your project without delay. The company should assist you step by step in the development process to adopt the latest technology.

Maintain Deadlines

Blockchain development technology is quite dynamic and can make your business reach new heights of success. Therefore choose a company that can meet deadlines and helps you stay ahead in the competitive market. If you want to know that the blockchain development company you want to work with can meet your criteria and deadlines, then you should look for customer feedback to determine whether the company is punctual. Choose a company that can deliver projects relating to blockchain on time.

Dedicated Team

It is always advisable to choose a blockchain development company with a dedicated and committed team and software developers with several years of technological experience. A dedicated and committed blockchain development team is one of the main considerations for getting the best services.


While some blockchain networks charge no fees for financial transactions, other platforms such as Ethereum charges high gas fees for every cryptocurrency transaction. Choose a company after considering its charges and the amount of investment required.

Technological Research

Identifying the experience and technical expertise of the Blockchain development team with whom you are working is crucial. Also, determine the technological equipment that the company maintains. A good blockchain development company possesses good experience and knowledge in programming languages and several other blockchain development tools. Research the company’s approach and project management tools before finalizing a deal with them.

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