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Top Play to Earn Games

What is known as Play to earn games?

Online games that help players receive rewards with a real-world value that can be achieved after completing tasks, battling other gamers, and making steady progress at the game level are known as play-to-earn games. Such rewards can be earned in the form of virtual land, weapons, crypto tokens, NFTs, skins, and other in-game assets. In addition, play-to-earn games are decentralized, allowing players to purchase, transfer, and sell the in-game assets in exchange for money, even outside the virtual world of the online games.Several types of blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrencies have gained exponential popularity over the past years. The gaming industry is also at the forefront of technological innovation, which is why they started incorporating new technologies within the industry. This has led to the birth of play to earn games model. However, this technology is still in its nascent stage, and experts are diving deep into this technology to revolutionize the overall gaming industry.

The Best Play-To-Earn companies

Silks - Play to earn company


When choosing play earn game company, this nft project always leads the pack. It leverages the benefits of blockchain technology to offer unique and rich derivatives experience in gaming. Silks metaverse provides a platform for the gamers to monetize in-game exploits and own Silks horses and Silks avatars that are real-world race horses. Players can speculate and trade on the horses within the secondary market using the $STT token. They can also buy stables or plots of virtual land within silks metaverse. The company links both the virtual and physical world and enables skillful gamers to earn exciting rewards from the gameplay, which is also linked to real world performance and data.

Axie Infinity

It is a play to earn gaming company that has garnered much media attention. It is a platform based on blockchain technology where players can buy cute monsters named Axis and even use them for battling against other players. Those who win the battle successfully are rewarded with $SLP that can be used on the marketplace of Axie Infinity or even exchanged for Fiat currency. The company has structured in-game objects such as plots of virtual land, Axie, etc., allowing them to be traded freely on the marketplace. The company’s skilled team has been supported by major players within the crypto space, which has led to the company’s further expansion.


This play to earn company is a virtual world that is powered by blockchain technology where players can make avatars and even own real virtual estate. Like most metaverses, decentraland enables players to buy plots of virtual land that are represented as non-fungible tokens or nfts. This allows players to make speculation and benefit when the value increases. Decentraland is also structured as DAO or decentralized autonomous organization where players have full control. Players own plots of land and monetize their in-game exploits via content curation and advertising. In addition, Decentraland Builder can be used by players for creating Scenes which further opens up pathways for endless creative expression.

Gods Unchained

It is a play-to-earn platform that ports the game of trading cards into blockchain technology. The playing card in Gods Unchained is being structured as NFTs. This allows ‘true ownership’ to the players over their cards and also signifies that the cards can’t be altered. The playing cards are minted to the blockchain-powered by Ethereum. This enables players to seamlessly trade cards with the help of a native token named $GODS. It comes with built-in great PVP elements that allow players to earn more rewards. The platform is free to play, and there are no such barriers to entry.


This platform is quite similar to the platform mentioned above regarding trading card-related games. However, splinterlands leverage the benefits of blockchain technology into the system to offer a better and enhanced user experience. It is built on Hive blockchain, so it’s somewhat free to play however the features of P2E can be unlocked only when you buy Summoner’s book worth $10. This platform allows players to develop a strong deck of trading cards that they can use for battling against other players. They also need to complete daily quests that can reward them with $DEC, a native token of splinterlands.

Battle of Guardians

It is an innovative and exciting play-to-earn gaming platform hosted on a blockchain network powered by Solana. As the platform is created in an Unreal Engine, it offers players a rich and interactive user experience. They can select their own characters and then start battling. The platform incentivizes skilled and knowledge gameplay among players. They can earn $FP (Fighting Points) when they win a battle against other players and can use it for buying items from nft marketplace.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn gaming platform based on ethereum blockchain technology and allows players to control avatars and develop in-game objects. The native world builder of the sandbox is VoxEdit which allows users to make 3D objects that can be restructured and animated as nfts. The players can sell their created items on the marketplace and earn a native sandbox token named $SAND. The $SAND token can be used for customizing avatars, playing games, purchasing in-game items etc. Sandbox also allows players to purchase plots of virtual land called $LAND, which can be used for building properties or renting out to others.

Suffescom Solution

It is one of the top well renowned play to earn game development companies that focus on providing effective results related to blockchain application development and helping people understand the latest technology, newest framework, and benefits of nft. It as a dedicated and experienced team having profound knowledge regarding nft standards. The company helps the client to frame unique strategies and even expand their business.


It is also one of the best play-to-earn game development companies aiming to assist their clients by framing powerful strategies and simplified solutions to meet their demands. They are offered the best and most highly effective digital solutions related to the growth and development of your gaming business. The company comes with a team of skilled and expert play to earn game developers who creates highly engaging and interactive games.

BR Softech

This play to earn game development company has specialization in virtual reality, smartphones, simulation applications, and the Internet. It has dedicated game developers who design imaginative video games and interactive entertainment solutions across various platforms. They have been serving their clients for several years worldwide and making them satisfied.

What are the benefits of play to earn games?

Earn money

Play to earn model can transform the business of the gaming industry. In the traditional ways of gaming, players used to play games only to enjoy themselves. However, social elements in online games like multiplayer games are enabling them today to compete against other players or even collaborate to achieve the same goals. The P2E model incorporated multiplayer games, enabling players to trade and purchase things. Furthermore, this model offers incentives to the players who spend extra time in the virtual game environment and even get in-game objects which can be exchanged for real money or crypto money.

Growth of the gaming community

The P2E games allow gamers to collaborate to complete the tasks or quests and split the benefits. This has led to the development of a strong community of players who work together to achieve a shared goal. Furthermore, this model has an incentive component that boosts the present gaming communities’ inclusive and social atmosphere.

Useful to both developers and gamers

P2E games model helps the players to earn money by receiving in-game assets. It also helps developers maintain and create more P2E games to improve sales and earning opportunities. As the P2E ecosystem is in its infant stage, developers are making new improvements to attract more gamers and expand its customer base.

Encourages adoption of blockchain technology

The value of the gaming market in the year 2021 was $173.70 billion as per industrial insiders and analysts. The value would increase up to $314.40 billion by the year 2027. One of the most popular sources of entertainment is gaming. However, blockchain technology is still in its development stage. When the gaming industry adopts this blockchain technology, it will result in chain reactions and would encourage other businesses to Adopt this technology.

Unlock prizes

Play-to-earn games enable players to complete repetitive tasks and spend a lot of time playing games, which can help them unlock prices and earn many in-game items. The more time you spend in these games, the more you earn in-game objects, which can also be sold in different marketplaces for real currency.

Have a project in your mind?

How to choose play to earn games for you?

It is important to find the right play to earn game company which can help you to maximize your opportunities of winning by using your skills. Following are the factors which help you to pick the right play to earn companies:

Check the rewards

Before selecting a play to earn company, you must find out the basics of the company. For instance, look at the type of rewards paid out to the players, the type of cryptocurrency used, and how players can convert their in-game tokens and rewards into currencies. Next, you must check the time required by the P2E company to earn rewards. Depending on the play to earn company you choose and become interested in investing in, you get rewards in the form of nft, cryptocurrency, or both. Finally, check the type of specific tasks required to be completed along with the duration to earn the rewards.

Types of games offered

Researching and choosing one play to earn company can be an overwhelming experience initially. Play to earn companies offer different types of games with specific gameplay. The first step in choosing a company is to research about the types of gameplay that they are offering and which you are good at. Then, as you have to play for real rewards, it becomes significant to pick the right play to earn company matching your experience and skill set. For instance, if you are fond of word puzzles, you can opt for wordcraft. The type of P2E company you choose decides whether you can make or break your chance of winning.

How to cash out your tokens and coins?

If you’ve got hold of some exciting play to earn companies and are aware of the type of rewards that you can get, then the next thing to consider is how you can cash your coins and tokens out. Since most of the play to earn companies are built on blockchain networks such as ethereum or Polygon so there might not be any issues with cashing out your coins, but the selling of nfts is not a quick process and the value of in-game objects and cryptocurrencies also fluctuate. Therefore you must have prior knowledge about how crypto exactly works. When you become aware of the process of converting your digital assets into real currency, you increase your chance of winning.

Decide on your budget before starting

As play to earn game companies need some investment, you must consider the starter company and the cost that meets your requirements. Choosing the right company will help you access premium assets and features related to play to earn games. First, consider your budget, and then look for companies within the price range. After considering the pricing choose a game company that matches your interest. Budget and interest are crucial factors in deciding the right P2E company. Next, look for an upcoming and new play to earn game companies for investing as new gaming platforms offer attractive packages to attract gamers. It can be profitable to invest in a play to earn company when you remain consistent, as there is nothing called standard earning in this industry.

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