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TOP 10 Crypto Exchanges


One of the best sites where users can purchase cryptocurrencies across the USA is Binance. It entered the space of cryptocurrency exchange in the year 2017. Over the last few years, this cryptocurrency exchange has established itself as one of the largest trading exchanges. It even holds a record of at least a US$10 billion daily trading volume. Furthermore, it has more than 20,000,000 clients on its trading platform. The platform has more than 5 years of experience in customer dealing and trading, making this cryptocurrency exchange highly rated by its customers. All these reasons have made it the best and most popular crypto trading platform in 2022.


One of the best and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the present day is Coinbase. This is because you can directly invest with USD. Users can buy ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and 30 different tokens and coins on this trading platform. It also allows users to gain interest in their USDT. By completing different activities, they can even win token rewards. This makes the platform one of the best and most trending crypto trading platforms in recent years.


It is another popular and common crypto trading platform where users can make a crypto investment. This exchange is also one of the first publicly traded platforms. The exchange is completely app-driven and even supports major cryptocurrencies. It provides a commission-free trading structure. It comes with solid engagement and support, and pays highly competitive interest rates on digital assets.


It is an original cryptocurrency exchange with a great collection of tokens and coins for users to invest and trade in. This crypto trading platform also allows for margin trading, and is one of the real exchanges. It is not so easy for all users to understand and use it. It is among the few trading platforms which trade in risky tokens and DOGE. It offers a certain limited selection of tokens and coins to the customers belonging to the US. It is the best trading platform as it offers a high level of trust and security to the customers thus making it to the top of the crypto trading platform in 2022. The platform offers a great variety of tokens and crypto for trading and is the longest-running trading platform across the world.


This is one of the fastest and largest growing crypto trading platforms in Hong Kong. However, it offers lots of support and service to customers based in the US. This trading platform allows you the accessibility to more than 90 points and tokens worldwide and 50 coins and tokens if you are in the US. This platform provides solid Interest rates on crypto savings accounts. However, this is only based on application, and presently there isn’t any desktop platform available in this crypto exchange. It offers a great number of supported tokens and coins. Users can also get a debit card that can be linked to their trading account.
Pionex - Crypto Trading Platform


It is one of the first exchanges worldwide, with eighteen free trading bots. Users can easily automate this trading platform 24/7 without requiring to check the markets. This top crypto trading platform is one of the largest finance brokers of Binance and aggregates liquidity from Huobi global and Binance. The platform offers a wide range of robots such as grid trading bot, smart trade bot, Martingale Bot, Trailing Sell Bot, DCA bot, Rebalancing bot, sports futures arbitrage bot, and many others. This platform well supports manual trading via crypto-to-crypto conversion. It consists of a crypto-to-crypto conversion. The crypto bot of this platform is an automated and highly functional program that can perform all the tasks related to purchasing and selling orders without requiring manual inputs.


This popular cryptocurrency investment exchange allows users to lend and earn good interest on their holdings rather than selling the coins and tokens. Users can even borrow money against their holdings. This crypto trading platform offers a $50 bonus that can be made on a minimum deposit of $25 and can even maintain for a stipulated period. The main advantage of this crypto trading platform is that there are no fees or commissions required, and the platform is regulated and based in the US, so it offers a high level of security to the customers. They can even earn high interest on their deposits in this.


This trading platform has been operating mainly in Europe and the UK but is also allowing traders belonging to the US in recent years. The platform offers a wide range of digital assets for users to buy and sell on their platform. It includes a practice trading account where users can practice trading before investing in real funds. Presently the platform is offering a bonus of $10 if you trade and deposit $100 in assets, although this offer is available for users belonging to the US. This crypto trading platform enables users to start with low minimums and offers them worldwide options to trade in kept assets.


If you are searching for an alternative way to trade in cryptocurrencies, then Hodlnaut is a suitable option for different customers. This crypto trading platform ensures both lending and savings and mainly emphasizes several stable coins and bitcoins. Users can easily earn 7.46% on their bitcoins and 12.73% on their USDC by accessing this platform’s lending and saving options. The main advantage this platform gives users is the high interest paid on the holdings, and no minimum balance is required for users to maintain. In addition, they can deposit $1000 and get a $20 bonus free.


It is an intuitive and smart cryptocurrency trading platform that offers unique functionalities and features to the users involved in instant selling and buying crypto assets. This trading platform offers real-time data related to the market and has a successful 99.9% track record. Furthermore, the platform offers 24/7 multilingual support to the customers. It is built on certain values that correspond to customer-centric, making the platform one of the best and most popular crypto trading platforms in the year 2022.

What are the benefits of crypto trading?

Leverage sudden shift in crypto price

Investors find it attractive when the price of crypto assets suddenly shifts on different trading platforms. This is the reason why digital currencies are an exciting form of investment. Capitalizing on the crypto price increase will help to generate profit. Although risks are associated with price fluctuations, users need to conduct proper research to understand crypto trading and generate profits. If you fail to understand due to a lack of informed an in-depth point of view, then this will lead to no investment return.

No definite trading hours

Another unique and interesting feature of crypto trading is no restricted or limited trading. In other words, users can trade them whenever they want and generate profits. It is better to find out the active hours where they can trade and gain more profits. Furthermore, users can study properly to know the appropriate time for trading on their crypto holdings based on their location. When you understand the down period, you can easily eliminate your chance of incurring a loss.

Better liquidity

Crypto trading has better liquidity. This allows users to execute a trade quickly at a much lower cost. Better liquidity also ensures better pricing, quick transaction, and appropriate technical analysis. It also helps them to reduce the risk and generate profits quickly by reading the trading market to avoid the risk of any financial losses.

Quick account opening

Crypto exchange would require users to create their exchange accounts where they can sell and buy crypto assets. However, crypto trading doesn’t seek users to create any exchange account. They just need to trade and then withdraw their earnings in either their own currency or in Fiat currency. This is the reason why crypto trading helps to save time as well as increases the chances of investors to generate profit through their crypto portfolio.

Short or long option

While purchasing crypto assets, investors wish for an increase in the price so that they can sell the crypto assets and earn more profits. Therefore, crypto trading allows users to leverage the sudden shifting of crypto prices to earn quick profits. Furthermore, investors can easily leverage the crypto trading features in different platforms to control their trade and incur financial losses. For instance, the stop loss button can be leveraged for managing trade and minimizing losses.

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What are the criteria for choosing a crypto trading platform?

There are different cryptocurrency exchanges available these days, making it difficult for investors and traders to choose the right one. The following guide will help you to select the right trading platform.

Security and authenticity

Perform thorough research to decide if the crypto trading you select is a secure and legitimate platform. The crypto platform’s security and authenticity help determine if the crypto funds are safe to invest. Therefore, it is important to ensure the reputation of the crypto platform and security protocols so that you can secure your funds as well as data.

Method of crypto purchase

The purchasing method of crypto greatly varies from one trading platform to another. Some crypto trading platforms support debit/credit cards, some support deposits through bank transfer, while some support PayPal or cryptocurrencies as a purchase method. You need to understand the different payment options available through platforms and select the one that suits your needs. If you are a starter, then select a trading platform that supports fiat currency and allows you to enter the crypto market with minimum stress.

Supported tokens and coins

Most the crypto trading platform supports Ethereum and Bitcoin. But there are different types of cryptocurrencies to which investors want to have exposure apart from ETH and BTC. Know about the tokens and coins well supported by the crypto trading platform before finalizing one.

Fee structure

The structure of the cryptocurrency trading platform’s transaction fee differs across different platforms. It is important to understand the fee structure properly to know how to deal with crypto and conduct several activities. Always ensure that the trading platform you choose doesn’t include any hidden transaction costs. Therefore look for a platform that provides flat rates for transactions having a flexible fee structure.

User interface/ user experience.

This is a crucial point to consider while choosing a crypto trading platform. As a cryptocurrency investor or trader, you can access the platform’s success by ensuring that it offers a rich user experience and intuitive interface, making it simple and easy to trade. Also, the factor of user experience is quite subjective, and users enjoy the different interfaces. It is also important to ensure customer service and customer-associated functionalities offered by a crypto trading platform. When you easily access the platform, you can perform much better.

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